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New Destination Coming Soon: THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS!

Thank you for your interest! We are the rental agents for over 400 Florida Keys Vacation Rental Properties, and we are sure to have a property that meets your needs and budget. Our small yet popular market books up quickly starting 10 months before arrival for Winter High Season Dates and for Special Events/Holidays, so please contact us as soon as possible.

For More Information, Please Call Us Directly at 1-888 4 KEY WEST (1-888-453-9937) or 305-600-1041.

For verification that we are a legitimate company, please see our ads on HomeAway/VRBO, but please do not send us a request through these listings, as HomeAway/VRBO does not allow for contact between property manager/owner anymore unless you book the property.

As rental agent for over 400 Key West properties, we would like to be able to speak with you directly about your needs and budget and offer you the full breadth of our huge inventory and the chance to communicate with us.

This will also spare you the HomeAway/VRBO Service Fees they now charge the renter. If you wish to book one of the properties below, please send us a request through HomeAway/VRBO, but your reservation will be subject to the HomeAway/VRBO Service Fee, so it's better to call us and save potentially hundreds of dollars:

3 BR "Oceanfront Oasis On The Beach" VRBO # 888384

1 BR "Margaritavilla Beach Cottage in Old Town" HomeAway # 4559237

2 BR, 1 BA "Margaritavilla Beach Cottage in Old Town" HomeAway # 4559237

3 BR, 2 BA "Margaritavilla Beach Cottage in Old Town" HomeAway # 4559238

4 BR, 2 BA "Margaritavilla Beach Cottage in Old Town" HomeAway # 4559240

4 BR, 3 BA "Margaritavilla Beach Cottage in Old Town" HomeAway # 4559241

3 BR "Open Water View Paradise Island Villa On The Ocean" HomeAway # 4588176

2 BR "Duval Village" Private Residence with Shared Pool" VRBO # 888388

For immediate service, please call us directly at Worldwide Toll-Free 1-888-4 KEY WEST (1-888-453-9937) or at 305-600-1041 if our Toll Free number is not working, or from some parts of Canada.

Important: You may have seen ads elsewhere on VRBO/HomeAway, AirBnB or on Craigslist that appear to be the same property, often at significantly lower rates. Please note that NONE of our homes are advertised on AirBnB or Craigslist. These are fake ads run by scammers to lure you in with lower rates, and may leave you homeless when you arrive with no recourse. To protect your investment and your personal/financial information, please contact us directly by phone or e-mail. Never Wire or Western Union funds to anyone to pay for a rental. Unfortunately, "Book It Now" can also mean "Lose Your Money Now". Always call before you rent anything online!

We are also the rental agents for properties of all sizes, descriptions and price points in The Galapagos Islands, previously famous to Explorers, Adventurers and Researchers, and now an emerging destination for Vacation Travel. A Galapagos Vacation will require a different approach than any other destination in the world, and you can count on us to make sure we match your group or family with the right vacation.

If you are coming to relax, we can find you the right place on the Sand to decompress for a week, but to completely embrace the Galapagos Islands, you will likely be staying on several of the islands, instead of settling down in one spot. We will work with you to plan the right trip for your Galapagos Experience. Also, since first world service is often a new concept in emerging destinations, you can count on us to have personally inspected and experienced the Galapagos Accommodations and Tours we will be offering you.

A Galapagos Vacation will be among the most Amazing Vacation Adventures found anywhere on Planet Earth!

If you have not been, make sure to add the Galapagos Islands to your Bucket List and call us to plan the Vacation Adventure of your Life!


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