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Keystravel is a unique service providing visitors to Key West & the Florida Keys with information and reservations on literally hundreds of properties throughout the beautiful Florida Keys. Each property is Inspected and Evaluated by us with the highest of Professional Standards. Your comfort and satisfaction at check-in our only priority. Sometimes that means informing you that you cannot have what you want at the price you wish to pay!

Keystravel is owned and operated by Rand Scott Wagner, who has been providing Florida Keys visitors with honest representation for over 20 years, since September 5th, 1995. If you want to speak with someone who knows each property intimately and exactly what you will be checking into, you have found the most knowledgeable and experienced source of rental advice in the entire Florida Keys!

Since we have no personal interest in any particular property, you can count on us to not sugar-coat the facts, a common practice here by people who want your money, but do not want to tell you the property they own is next to a Rowdy Bar that will Rock Your World, or a Restaurant Dumpster next to your bedroom window that will Stink You Out! We want you happy when you check-in, and we want you to call us for your next visit too!

If you are a First Time Visitor to Key West & the Florida Keys, please contact us before choosing your Location and your Dates, as the Beach or Water View you want may not be in the area you expect... and often, just one day can make the difference between Peak Event Rates and Off-Season Rates. We are here to help you avoid the common mistakes!

By putting our customer's needs first, we have survived Industry Changes, Vacation Rental Ordinances, an Economic Recession (a special thanks to our many repeat renters), and even a Gulf Oil Spill that never brought Oil to our shores, but scared away all of our visitors!

Our Motto is: "We make a living renting Homes, Condos, Town Homes & Cottages, but our Business is Customer Service!". Please contact us soon!

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    Smather's Beach Key West & The Florida Keys offer lots to see & do for the whole family, including all the things to do On and Around the Turqoise & Emerald Water, but also the History, Art, Culture. Museums, Shopping, Dining, Beaches & of course, our World Famous Nightlife.. View from Paradise Island Villas Unit #111's balcony
    Key West Homes. Contrary to conventional wisdom, most of our islands, including Key West, are quiet tropical places, where we raise and educate our families. Many people are surprised to learn that most of Key West is NOT a party zone, so do not be afraid to bring your parents, your teens, your younger children and your babies. Just make sure you avoid the few weeks during our year when we have the "adult themed festivals". We can help you choose the right dates to avoid these festivals, recommend dates for the best rates or availability, and help you find the right place for your visit, and also avoid the wrong places! Two Fins Deck
    Sea Watch Pool

    Contacting a Local Professional is always recommended BEFORE CHOOSING YOUR DATES & BOOKING YOUR AIRFARE , especially around Special Events, when a 1 day mistake can cost you a bundle, and during our Winter High Season, when rentals tend to run Saturday to Saturday! Choosing a wedding date other than a Saturday from Christmas to May 1st makes finding Vacation Rental Properties much easier.

    Margaritavillas Pool.
    Fort Zachary Taylor

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    Rand & Evelyn Look Forward To Welcoming You To Our Tropical Paradise!

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